Common Courtesy will go a long way toward ensuring a pleasant experience for yourself as well as others.  Good Practices on the trail and in the parking areas preserve the environment and our privilege of enjoying our great outdoors.

  • A general rule is “Wheels yield to heels, yield to horses.” That is, vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians yield the trail to horses.
  • Read trail signage ot find out what trail users you may encounter
    Slow down or stop. Work out who will pass whom.
  • Pass with care. Pass slowly. Indicate which side you will pass on.
  • Travel at a safe speed, especially where visibility is limited.
  • If a horse is acting up, follow the rider’s instructions.
  • Litter spoils everything! Don’t drop it. Pick up after other: Pack it in, Pack it out.
  • Do not pick or dig up plants
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife. Observe from a distance.
  • Do not disturb archeaeological or historic sites.
  • Keep off closed trails. Do not blaze new trails.
  • Conduct yourself in a safe, courteous manner.




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