What a smashing event!! The summer social at Jud and Jennette’s was a really great time for all of us who attended and I believe there was at least 25 to 30 people that showed up. Thanks to Linda who went out of her way to call as many people as she could think of to encourage them to come. And it was really great seeing all our members and ex-members from many years back all gathered up again in one spot.
The swimming pool was really refreshing and so nice on a hot day. I spent most of my time there just wallowing and talking to various members I haven’t seen in a long time. Jud and Jennette’s home is delightful. I was there about seven years ago at a similar social. On my way to the ladies room I was taking in their recent renovations of the sun room off their bedroom and the revised accommodations in the bathroom. Everywhere there were touches of our equine friends. Jennette has done a great job of inserting their love of horses and dogs into their home. I was surprised the toilet paper didn’t have horses printed on it!!

Ron and Jud furnished us with some really delicious thick and juicy hamburgers and hot dogs that were expertly cooked by Bob. The covered dishes supplied by members rounded off the gathering with beans, salads, and desserts. Everything was sumptuous.

This was such a nice thing for Jud and Jennette to do for the club and we all appreciate it so much. I talked with Sue and we figured the club was about 25 years old. Only about 5 original members are still actively riding and participating. Hopefully we can pull in some new members and draw back a few of the ex-members to join us. Events like this help.

I would like to list everyone who was there but I would leave someone out and I don’t want to hurt any ones feelings. But it was sure nice having all those who showed up. Thanks again.

— Roving Reporter