I had a very difficult time trying to determine whether or not to hold this ride on Saturday or Sunday due to the weather predictions for the weekend. To top it off, they were wrong. However, five riders showed up, braving the chance of rain and the odds were in our favor because all of the rain, lightning, and wind went north across Tallahassee and we ended up having a very nice 2 1/4 hour ride. It began sprinkling on us as we were almost back to the trailer and we were able to untack and get on our way without getting too wet. It ended up only being a small shower and was over by the time I got to Bloxham Cutoff. I know all of you who stayed home in Tallahassee thought anyone who showed up for the ride was crazy because of the heavy storms up there. One concerned husband called to see if his wife was OK because of the storm at home. She assured him it was not raining where we were.

Braving the weather and taking advantage of the opportunity to get in a Saturday morning ride were Ron and Minnie Mule, Nancy and Gypsy, David and guest Anne Marie riding Cinnamon and Belle respectively, and me and Miss Flashy. We rode loops along FR 362 that follow Fisher Creek, in case we needed to make a quick exit back to the trailers. This worked very well and I was checking the weather radar at completion of each loop. It was pretty amazing to watch the weather north of us as it moved across Tallahassee and how the skies changed. We finished up on a portion of the blue trail and then followed the USFS pink trail back towards the trail head, taking a short detour to show David and Anne Marie the lakes close to the trail head. Good ride and good company. — Pam