Eight folks showed up for the Alford Arms ride on Saturday, 9/17 ready for a fun day. Riders and horses were Sharon on Cricket, Herb H. on General, Doell on Snippy, Ron on Mini; Herb R. on Buddy, Sue on Sadie, Pam on Flashy and Laura on Jewel. I thought it would be a good idea to avoid the large downed tree on the single track trail near the railroad tracks, so we started down the field first. The plan was to cut in later to join up with the single track trail. Well……best laid plans, right? The first cut had a very large hole in the trail that a couple of horses went over, but one did not, so we turned around and went back out to the field. The next cut was eventually blocked by downed trees, sooooo…we turned around and went back out to the field. By now everybody is joking that it’s not your normal trailride, but what does it hurt having a little adventure. (Well, hopefully “everybody” was thinking that). Finally the next cut, we managed to get around another downed tree and then trekked on, enjoying a breeze that may have had a hint of fall in it. (At least that’s what some of us chose to think). There was a bit more standing water next to these trails than I’ve seen before and on the way back, there was actually water on the trail that we waded through, as you can see in one of the pictures. All in all, a little adventure here and there as we enjoyed our 2.5 hour ride. Unfortunately, when we got back to the trailhead, the breeze seemed to have disappeared and it was a rude hot reminder that summer was still here. Oh well – hold that thought that cooler weather is right around the corner and that means more riding. Thanks to all who came out.