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The general membership is invited to attend monthly board meetings which are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Although general members cannot vote on official matters, your opinions and input is welcomed and encouraged. If you would like to attend a board meeting, please call one the the STA officers or board members to confirm the meeting location.

Meet Our Board Members.

Linda Vause
Linda VausePresident
Howdy ya’ll I am back. I joined STA in 1998. During those years I served as President, VP, Newsletter Editor, Board and general member. I’ve been honored to serve with all the founding members of this remarkable organization and I’m extremely passionate about the mission of STA.
I grew up a military brat in a golfing family. At about age 10 I told my parents no more golf I wanted to ride horses. My best friend started lessons at Wimberly’s Riding Academy and after my relentless persistence, Mom signed me up. By age 16 I bought a Thoroughbred mare and was competing in Eventing, Combined Training, Dressage and Hunter Jumper anywhere from Mobile to Tallahassee. What a great way to grow up. I was able to bring her to FSU by telling my folks she was for sale and there was a much better market in Tallahassee. I would ride my bicycle from campus to Chaires to visit that beautiful black mare. She sold and I was without a horse for a many years.
Paul and I married in 1986 with the understanding I would have a horse one day and he could have a cow. We bought our farm in Miccosukee the summer of 1995. Thanks to Wanda Coffield, I fostered a senior snowflake Appaloosa mare named “Sugar” from a girl headed to college. Thank you to Sue Noyes for hauling Sugar and I to several STA rides. The most memorable ride was at Moore Lake in the Apalachicola National Forest. Sue turned the Presidency over and delivered a passionate speech about the importance of STA and its mission. This inspired me to join STA because without organizations like STA there would not be any equestrian trails on public lands.
Sugar is long gone. Paul and I now have 5 horses, 2 Great Danes and 1 cow, our “kids with fur”. I have scouted, ridden, camped and explored, 100’s of miles of fabulous trials with these horses and my STA family. I can’t imagine a life without horses or STA. Happy Trails !
Sue Noyes
Sue NoyesVice President
Sue was 11 when she first rode a horse at a rental stable in St. Petersburg, FL. At 15, she got her first horse: an Arabian. Her horse career included trail riding, gymkhana, western pleasure and equitation events, and then halter classes, when she bred and raised paints. In the 1970’s, as President of the Central FL Paint Horse Club, she secured paint horse classes at the FL State Fair and helped establish this breed in the state. Throughout her competitive career, Sue recognized the thread that binds the horse industry together is trail riding; it renews the spirit of both the horse and the rider.

Sue and her husband, Frank, moved to Tallahassee in 1983, after completing BA degrees in Management at Eckerd College. She worked as a lobbyist for Progress Energy Florida and soon recognized the need and opportunity for equestrian public trails. The FL Recreational Trails Council was created by law in DEP and Sue was appointed and served on it for 11 years. She was the first elected Chairperson of the council and she helped develop trail standards for the construction and maintenance of passive trails in Florida. At this same time, Sue was instrumental in the formation of Southern Trailriders Association and was elected President, a post she held for seven years. Sue was then appointed to the 40-member Greenways Commission by Governor Chiles. The commission unanimously recommended that the governor and the legislature create a greenways and trails system throughout Florida with Preservation 2000 funds to protect endangered flora and fauna in the state. Sue then served on the 23-member Greenways Coordinating Council and developed guidelines and policies for all land-buying agencies in Florida so the greenways and trails vision would become reality. When this was completed, Sue was appointed to the FL Agriculture Center & Horse Park Authority and later the Friends of Florida State Forests.

Sue is now retired and devotes her time to representing STA trail riders in the promotion, development and maintenance of public horse trails. She lives near Miccosukee with her husband, two dogs and three horses.

Katrina Ward
Katrina WardVice President
An avid horse-lover since the age of four, I finally bought my first horse at the age of 38 and haven’t looked back! Today I have three horses in my backyard and enjoy trail riding whenever I get the chance. Having moved to Tallahassee with my first horse from an area that had no public riding trails; I truly appreciate the trails that the Southern Trailrider’s Association has developed in the Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Being part of this great group of riders is a true privilege. Maintaining old trails and developing new ones requires a concerted effort that the STA is committed to. Being on the STA Board has been a learning experience and one that has taught me to never take for granted the freedom to enjoy our forests and Greenways from horseback.
Sharon Haughton
Sharon HaughtonTreasurer
Sharon Haughton and Herb, her husband of almost 28 years, have lived on a small farm just north of Havana for 18 years, along with their 4 horses, 2 cats and 1 dog.

When she’s not spending time with the horses, she works as the office manager for an environmental consulting firm in Tallahassee. She was a member of Leon County Horseman’s Association, served on the Association’s Board of Directors, served as Treasurer and showed horses in the gaited classes.

Sharon has been a member of the Southern Trailriders since 1996 and has recently joined the Board of Directors, hoping to help STA continue their mission of developing new trails and maintaining existing ones, along with developing a local campground for horse enthusiasts. Sharon and her Tennessee Walker, Cricket, have been riding partners for 16 years and hope to continue riding many more together.

Wendy Trawick
Wendy TrawickBoard Member
I have had a passion for horses as far back as I can remember, and when my family moved here from New York in the 1970’s, I finally got my first opportunity to ride. Killearn Estates had a large barn that offered riding lessons, and at the age of seven I started learning everything I could about these beautiful creatures. I rode my bike to the barn often just to get a chance to smell the horses and pet each one that was in its stall.
As an adult there were several years that I did not have a horse, but finally at age 32 I was back in the saddle again and have been trail riding ever since. My employment history has been mostly in the medical field. I practiced Respiratory Therapy for 5 years before I started teaching at Tallahassee Community College as a Clinical Instructor. T.C.C. had several Human Patient Simulators that were used in the labs to give the students hands on experience caring for patients. I had a great interest in this aspect of healthcare and became their Simulation Specialist. That position allowed me to develop and manage how the college used the simulators. It was rewarding job, and a great opportunity to work with all types of students from Paramedics to Nurses.
After ten years at T.C.C., I decided to “semi-retire” and focus on managing the rental properties my husband and I own. It was a great decision and has allowed me to enjoy a flexible schedule and more opportunities to ride my Rocky Mountain Horse, Cocoa.
I have been a member of STA for many years and have always appreciated their efforts in maintaining and creating trails for Equestrians to enjoy. I look forward to serving as Newsletter Editor.
See you on the trail!
Gary McDougald
Gary McDougaldBoard Member
As Winston Churchill once said “there is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.” Since I was a child, being on a horse has always felt right. Two years ago while working on proposed trails for Aspalaga, I met Linda and Suzanne. It didn’t take long to realize STA would be my new best friend. STA has done so much work on trails across the panhandle. With more land closures, I see the need of all equine lovers to work together to insure we all have places to ride, camp and enjoy this beautiful country God has given us. STA is a great group of people and I am honored to be a part.
Tram Brittle
Tram BrittleBoard Member
Edie McDonald
Edie McDonaldBoard Member
Leatha Flowers
Leatha FlowersNewsletter Editor
I’m a Tallahassee native. As a kid, I rode pretty much anything. I got my first pony for my 12th birthday, who bucked me off for the next two years!

In high school, I “advanced” to showing a friend’s Quarter Horses in the local western show circuit (circa mid-1970s).

I switched to Arabians after high school, and added Paso Finos in 2007. I currently have five horses (yes, probably three too many).

My “heart horse” was Carbonero Sin Par, a Paso Fino gelding. We did trail riding, horse shows, exhibitions at the Red Hills Horse Trials and Mission San Luis, worked a few cows and finally tried endurance riding. Carby was a rock star of a horse, whose motto was “time to go!” We earned the 2015 AERC SE Region Limited Distance High Mileage Award. I lost him to colic in Jan. of 2016. I still miss him every day.

My newest horse is Katmandu del Cardo, a gaudy pinto Paso Fino gelding. He’s had a steady start in endurance and I hope we have a long partnership.

Boring personal trivia: I’m a self-employed graphic artist, working from home, divorced, with five horses and too many cats.

I joined STA in March of 2017, feeling that I should support the Association as it creates and maintains most of the trails I enjoy riding on. And when asked to serve as Newsletter Editor, I accepted. I am enjoying working with the Board members and learning how much I don’t know!

Tonya SixBoard Member
Jud Curtis
Jud CurtisFormer President
A founding member of the Southern Trailriders Association, it has been my pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors and as President of this essential organization so that we can maintain existing and acquire new riding locations to share with other horseback riders.

Slow and steady is how I like to ride these days, with my wife Jennette, and we currently ride Tennessee Walkers.