Seven riders set out on this beautiful fall morning for a leisurely ride through unmarked single and double tract trails.  The wildflowers and butterflies were gorgeous entertainment to our eyes and the friendly banter made this ride a most pleasant one.  Katrina, Pam, Lyn, Ron, Bob, Ambrose, and a guest rider took a leisurely pace along shaded trails and around ponds that looked like they could use some rainfall.  We stopped to water the horses at one of these along the way.  Unfortunately, Bob’s mount Hooker developed a girth gall and Bob decided to get off and walk him back to the trailer early-on in the ride.  Near the end of the ride, Katrina decided to pick some flowers and then Ambrose had a scare when his new saddle slipped.  However, he was no worse for wear, and since we were in sight of the trailers at that point, a few of us decided to walk our horses in.  All in all, a very nice ride!