It was a gorgeous day, perfect for riding and clearly, 13 other riders felt the same as me!  We rode out in 3 groups to lessen the dust and make the ride more enjoyable for all.  2 groups rode the East Loop while one rode the West Loop.  There was evidence of fallen trees along both trails, likely a result of Hurricane Hermine.  Some of the larger trees has been cut through but other times the trail was briefly re-routed around the debris.  We had some horses wary of crossing water, but as is always the case on a STA ride, we ride to be inclusive and work with one another.  By the time a third water obstacle arose, all horses crossed without incident.

We did have campers at the trail head and also more campers using the horse stalls, which is great to see.

Members/equines pairings were: Janet/Charlie; Tonya/Lady; Gary/No More; Herb/General; Sharon/Cricket; Nancy/Rebel; Pam/Flashy; Ambrose/Sally; Ron/Mini; Linda/Blondie; Terry/Jake; and Kathleen/Sunny.  Two guests also joined our ride: Tram/Harley and Percy/Tequila.

As Pam remarked, this ride had quite a few new members and it was great to see the strong turnout for this special Black Friday Ride.  It sure was more enjoyable than shopping with thousands.  Some riders loaded up and headed home after the 2-2.5 hour ride, while others ate lunch together.  Gary and Jake hit the trail for more riding, as clearly 8 miles just wasn’t enough for them!  Till next time, Happy Trails!  Janet — Ride Leader.  Photo credits: Terry and Sharon