STA sponsored a trail ride at beautiful Crowder Farm to raise funds to benefit Triple R Horse Rescue Association. It was a lovely day and thanks to the good Lord-dry- as the next two days Tallahassee was drenched in a deluge of rain. We had a good turn out of 42 riders and raised all $420.00 for Triple R.

Crowder Farm is a lovely spot in a plantation like setting with huge lovely Live Oaks scatter every where among pines and nicely mowed avenues of grass and feed plots. There is one section that was at one time part of the Old St. Augustine Rd. and is bordered by a long row of very ancient Oaks. And the trailer parking area was near a large wooden deck with bath rooms and horse watering facilities.

The trail was marked with paper plates with options for a short and longer ride which took up about two hours more or less. It was set up so riders could go at their own speed and in their own groups self guided.
Our only problem was the caterer didn’t show up.  Some how some signals got switched and no one is totally sure what happened because Jud thought everything was arranged. So our sincere apologies to the attendants for this inconvenience.  I was sure looking forward to that big juicy hamburger, but the ride was well worth the contribution.

Our special thanks to the Crowder family for letting us use their lovely property for this event. We also want to thank Jud and Ron and I believe Bob for setting up and marking the trails. Our special thanks to Sharon and Karen for arriving early and taking up liability forms and contributions. I hope I haven’t left any body out. — Roving Reporter