The Sunday morning ride at Rocky Comfort was beautiful and a little challenging! We had ten riders, members and guests, who enjoyed about 4¼ hours exploring the varying terrain offered at this management area. We climbed a few hills, crossed creeks, weaved through wooded trails, chatted along forest roads and old firebreaks, ducked under limbs, tried to avoid vines and holes, hopped over or skirted around some big logs and slopped through a bit of mud. Fresh horses produced a little excitement along the way and good company provided the smiles and laughter. Ambrose was the only guy in the crowd but he was a real trooper even though his “green” horse refused a muddy bank at the first creek crossing and we lost him for about an hour. Thanks to Susan and Linda, who have been helping prepare for the ride, we managed to keep the group moving and rounded up our stray fella at the same time. Due to minor delays along the trail, we did exceed the “suggested” time limit which I’m sure was no surprise to those of you who have ridden with me! Overall, I think most would agree that we had an excellent adventure and are looking forward to the next one!! Others who rode May 1st: Gayle, Rocky, Joyce, Michelle, Chris, and Nancy. See you on the trail less traveled…Suzanne & Trouble