This ride started at Buckhorn Hunt Camp in the Apalachicola National Forest on Forest Road 360; perfect location for moonlight rides because the roads are white sand My Quarter horse Scarlett was unnerved by the wagon. James and Bitsy Jacobs had a pair of paint horses hitched to a custom-made wagon. Lavater Johnson rode in the wagon. James said ya’ll stay here while we take the wagon up the road a piece. I need to see how the horses will react to the lights. The paints were not bothered by the lights but Scarlett was upset by the whole thing. She has seen a wagon but not in the dark with lights. Sensory overload maybe? She followed the wagon a while keeping her distance. She managed to walk fast enough to catch up and pass the wagon. Once past she stayed on a power walk, I didn’t know she could walk that fast! For a change, I was able to keep up with the gaited horse.

I enjoyed talking to Tonya Six, on her TWH Lady; she has been riding this part of ANF with her family all her life. Occasionally, Scarlett would stop, spin 180 degrees, see the wagon, complete the spin and take off at her power walk again. Scarlett spooked at a hole in the road jumping to the right unseating me. I managed to get back in the saddle after several strides. I managed to stay on but it wasn’t pretty!I heard the riders behind me laughing.
Angola Stacy’s buckskin mule was on her second ride of the day they rode 10 miles at Otter Lake that morning. Stacy noticed the moon was so bright we had shadows. What a fun ride.
We rode 3 hours. I started to untack realizing my horse was too wet for the cool night. Stacy loaned me a sheet and pads to cover Scarlett. Thank you, Stacy. Ambrose loaded Sally and left. He said it was past their bedtime. Percy and Ginger Jacobs loaded up and headed to Taylor County. Sandra and Carl decided not to camp so they headed home to Hosford.

Tram and I visited with James and Bitsy and thanked them for a beautiful moonlight ride. Then we headed home on bright Easter morning.