This ride began with some confusion as the ride hosts were not there. President Linda quickly decided we needed to regroup. She took the signup sheet provided by me and began to get signatures of participants. We decided to break into two groups since some folks arrived as we were ready to begin and Linda offered to wait for them to tack up. They were nonmembers and her act of generosity in hosting them was commendable.

So, the group that left out to ride the East Loop consisted of Sue on Bud, Arlene on Scooter, Leslie on Luna, Stephanie on Quia and Stacy on Angola, the cutest little buckskin mule I have ever seen! I gave the riders some history of how we ended up getting horse trails on Ft. Braden and also offered other facts about the area as we rode for three hours.

We decided to go down to the Lake Pavillion and when we arrived, one of the ride hosts was there, Ambrose on his mare, Sally. He was running behind because his good friend Rocky was not around to help him. Come to find out, she was in the hospital. Leslie had a lot of fun on Luna at the first water crossing we came to but Luna figured out pretty quick that it had to be ok because the other horses crossed with no hesitation. It’s always nice to have good role models for horses that aren’t used to trails!

All in all, the ride was enjoyable and we weren’t bothered with many bugs. The latter group that rode for two hours consisted of Linda on Scarlett, Cathy on Blondie, Sarah & Dulcinea on Cressie and Spartacus and Becky on Tanner. We hope these guests enjoyed riding with us and will consider joining the club.

Fort Braden Tract – Lake Talquin State Forest

Submitted by Sue