We started our ride a bit earlier at 9:30 to beat the heat, but as it turned out, the breeze kicked up and since we rode mostly in the shade, it was a very enjoyable ride. Liz and Becky, who we haven’t seen in forever, joined us and it was fun catching up with them. After asking everyone if they minded, Sharon decided it might be a good day to just wander the Park and explore trails, so that’s what we did. With a little help from Sue so we wouldn’t retrace our steps, we covered 5.3 miles in the two hours of riding.

We did run into a few spider webs with spiders attached, one dangling in front of my face from the bill of my hat. Always makes for a fun time….okay not so much L. We rode down “Vendor Row” under the big beautiful oaks and stopped to let the horses graze a bit. While we were there, out of the woods popped Linda V. who had arrived later, but tracked us and caught up with us to ride. It was a fun surprise to see her again and it gave all of us a chance to catch up with her.

Members enjoying the day were Sharon, Herb H., Sue, Herb R., Liz, Becky, Wendy and Linda. We only encountered a few hikers, so we basically had the park to ourselves.

Afterward, we lingered a while just enjoying the breeze, checking out Liz’s brand new living quarters trailer (she’s ready to go), laughing it up with Linda (you can’t help but laugh at her stories), talking about a fall camp trip and generally catching up. It was a fun day and of course always good to be on our ponies! — Sharon