This was a special ride for me, because it was my first official trail ride with my new mount “Famous Amos”. He is a little bit of a nervous guy, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I need to thank everyone that was on the ride for patiently waiting while I got my new tack just right and settled in the saddle. Amos was a little fidgety at first, but once we headed down the trail he was a brave leader and I was very impressed!

My trail partners were Sharon on Cricket, Ambrose on Sally, Rocky on Silk, and Laura on her Appaloosa, Jewel.

We headed down the trail toward the Meadows Soccer Complex and meandered through the woods. The biting flies were quite active, especially for me since I was in the lead. I was thankful that Laura brought some roll-on fly spray. It came in handy for Amos’s ears. I completely forgot I had a fly mask in my trailer!

Jewel and Silk were the only non-gaited horses and did a great job of keeping up with the fast walk of the gaited geldings. There were some arrows painted on the ground for a group of folks that were racing on foot. The horses were not impressed with these and refused to walk on them. Amos and Cricket snorted at them a few times, but no spooking occurred. At one point our normal trail was blocked to direct the runners and we got off course for a few minutes, but with Sharon’s EQUiTrail App and Laura’s map we quickly were back on the trail.

Other than the heat and a few flies it was a great ride! Afterwards Sharon, Laura and I relaxed and ate lunch while Ambrose and Rocky headed home. We had never met Laura and it was great getting to know her.
Come joins us next time at Phipps. It is a beautiful trail!