Ride leader Ron led off at a little after nine with most of a large group of riders for such a hot and humid day. But because of the heat Ron decided to keep the ride short and spend more time swimming. We left Katrina and her two riders in the parking lot adjusting tack and she will tell her story next. Mike came in later but managed to run into their group on the trail.

We were glad to have Donna and her mom Lou Ann from Bristol and their friend Sandy join us. There were some other new members and guests as well. Ron led us on an hour long trail that pretty much did a circle from lake to lake on mostly single track trails. Some places the summer vegetation had kind of taken over, but there were no real problems, only a few scratches. We returned to the trailers to change into shorts and grab our lunches. Then on to the swimming hole.

Every horse is different about water. Mine love it and have been coming to that pond for their entire lives. Tally couldn’t wait for me to get the saddle off and broke away from me and hauled himself right into a group of about 6 horses up to his back in water. He wasn’t hard to catch!! He also likes to float and when he does his rear legs go off to the side and he spins circles. Some of them snooze and groan and fall asleep. Others like to dig and splash and roll. What ever turns them on makes me happy because I know they are enjoying themselves on a hot summer day. Roving Reporter