If you missed this ride, you missed a good one! The weather was absolutely gorgeous with a slight breeze. Ambrose was the first to arrive and brought Sally. I arrived next with Bud and was surprised to see the city has extended the fencing on our parking side of the locked gate. I wondered if they were going to move the gate further in as I think they must be trying to provide more parking space for hikers and bikers. It’s disappointing to me, however, because it cuts off some of our access to shade under the trees and we will be forced to park in the field (that doesn’t get mowed very much) if a whole bunch of us show up to ride in the future.

Our new president, Janet, was the next to arrive with Charlie, then Sharon and Herb came in with Cricket and General. They were running a little late and said they would catch up with us if they weren’t ready by the start time. Another trailer pulled in and it was Mike Mathers, who used to be in the club a couple of years ago, with his horse Shay. I invited him to join our group and he was delighted. We also gave him an application to rejoin at his request!

When the start time arrived, Mike was still getting ready and Herb and Sharon were not quite ready, so Ambrose, Janet and I took off at a slow pace heading toward the ball fields to the east. I showed them where we are supposed to get a single track trail to get us over to the power line so we can avoid erosion, rocks and a blind turn. This can be dangerous as I have seen bikers come very fast through that turn and scare horses. I hope we can get this short trail accomplished this year.

After we got on the single track that goes by the ball fields, we heard the other riders and so we became one group. We rode down to see the bat house and Lake Victoria is still drained. I was surprised by this as I thought it was drained for the new dock that was recently built. The lake is owned by the Phipps family and is not part of the park. I mentioned it would be neat to see the bats leave at sundown to find their prey but did wonder if that activity would spook the horses.

Lake Jackson had plenty of water in it and I saw my first boat on the lake! Usually it just looks serene and inviting, even though you can’t get near it!
We continued on the multiple use trail until our single track trail came up which was developed to keep us off rocks they have put on the roads. This is a nice trail but it could use some remarking so that people know exactly where it goes.

All in all, it was a good two-hour ride and everyone had a good time.