17 riders showed up for the Joe Budd Wildlife Management Area ride.

First and most important, I want to thank all the people that made this day possible: Suzanne and Linda for doing extra duty marking trails and helping me learn more about the Joe Budd area; Donna for helping with trail marking; Ron, our Executive Chef, for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs; my husband, Herb, the Sous Chef, for cooking up the beans and helping put lunch together; Richard, for helping too (and he thought he was coming to relax and read a book J). This day would not have happened without your help!! Thanks so much!!!

After a few tack adjustments, we rode out at 10:20. This is truly an awesome area to ride. With the beautiful bluff we rode overlooking Little River and very little imagination, you would have thought you were in the mountains. We crossed streams, rode through ditches, went over downed trees, climbed up and down hills and wound around the trails, eventually arriving at the pavilion and pond.

Since Terri thought she was the entertainment for the day, and before we got out of the woods, she went head over neck on Star and hit the ground. Jumping back up and saying “I’m okay, I’m okay” we all felt relieved and proceeded to help her mount back up. Like a real trooper, she got on her horse and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the day. (Terri, we might have to bring our old “sodbuster” award back to life for you).

After leaving the pond, Suzanne took us on a short cut back to the trailers, but of course not before treading through a few areas of water. Suzanne got a little surprise when her horse, Sage, decided to take a little dip in the water (with no warning) and Suzanne just gracefully rode her back up and continued on like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Comments I heard afterwards were “awesome ride”, “that was great”, “we did a little bit of everything”, and “fantastic ride”. If you weren’t there, you missed a great one – maybe you can make it next year.

We rode 2.5 hours on the first half and arrived back for lunch at 12:45. The guys had lunch ready for us when we got back (how awesome is that). We enjoyed not only just hamburgers, but bacon cheeseburgers (wow Ron – you can cook for me anytime), baked beans, chips, and Lyn surprised us with pasta salad and potato salad, and of course dessert which was cookies and cupcakes.

After relaxing a bit, Suzanne, Linda, Nancy, and Ambrose went back out for the second half of the ride. They just didn’t want to stop on such a gorgeous day. Instead of taking the planned route, they decided to scout out a few different areas for about 2 hours. I understand they had a great time on that ride too.