Ten riders and their horses showed up Saturday morning to enjoy riding the Joe Budd trails: Sharon, Mike, Rocky, Ambrose, Nancy, Gaye, Clayton, Linda and Wendy, along with guest, Peggy. I haven’t seen Peggy in quite some time and enjoyed catching up with her. Considering the weather had been threatening rain this weekend, we got very lucky as the day was great for riding; a slight breeze and cool enough to be enjoyable. On the first half of the ride going through the woods, we stepped over many downed trees, crossed several streams and climbed a couple fairly steep hills, enjoying every minute. Several times we were high enough, we could look down at the river – what a view. After riding the woods, we headed for the pond to have lunch, had a nice break, then trekked off again on another woodsy path bordering the pond. This year, the second half of the ride consisted of a little bit of road, a little bit of fields, and a ride over the dam, then heading back to the trailers making this a 3 hour experience which I think everyone enjoyed very much. If you get the urge to go, the Joe Budd Hunt Calendar online shows no hunting through March 9, so you still have time to ride there any day of the week. Sharon