Saturday, December 13 turned out to be a cold, crisp, but sunny winter morning, a perfect day for a ride. Joining ride hosts Pam and Flashy, Ron and Mini were Ambrose and Sabrina, Janet and Charlie, Jim and Ol’ Smoke Tuttle, Jennette and Trigger, Jud and Red, Sue and new horse Sadie, Lyn and Tally, and Cody and Hoss. Lynn was colorful in her Christmas attire. We rode down to the green loop, made the loop and then returned incorporating the red and yellow trails in our return. We were not able to cross the river due to water. There was water in all the water crossing areas where streams would be when not in a dry period, as well as water in the ditches along side the main (blue) trail. There was not much wild life stirring; however we did see evidence of recent bears.

By the time we returned to the trail head, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature had finally crept in- to the 60s. Jackets and gloves came off and we all enjoyed a pot of Ron’s famous chili for lunch. Lyn and I brought the accompaniments for the chili and cookies and brownies for dessert. Spirits and camaraderie were high and we all had a very enjoyable time, complete with some comic relief from Lyn.

Pam & Miss Flashy