Ten bold riders came out for a fun ride at Rivers Rd. We had lovely weather and a really pleasant ride on the new National Forest Blue trail heading south this time on our own yellow trail. But during the ride we switched from our yellow trail to parts of the blue, red and ended up coming back on our orange trail. There was very good behavior on the part of our mounts and no spooks, jumps or kicks. Mini mule decided she didn’t want any horse to pass her so she wove from side to side to block trespassers. We ran into one lone hunter standing by his truck and one dog walker with a couple of black dogs running loose but there were no problems. The ride lasted about three hours.

Now for the hats. Herb Rosinsky wore one of his wife’s hats with a rose flowered motif. Bob Bardes had on a colorful knit creation with a funny tassel thing that stood straight up on top that turned out to be an Ethiopian tribal hat that he had actually picked up in Ethiopia.Lyn Grant and Doel West wore flowered creations made for the Water Olympics in bright purple and chartreuse green. Except Doel wore it over her normal outback hat and ended up looking like something out of the 1900’s.These riders good naturedly wore their hats the entire ride. The hunter and dog walker didn’t give us a second look so I assumed they think horse riders are normally a little weird and dress like this all the time!!

Back at the trailers some of the others donned their attire. Jennette Curtis donned a smashing green cow girlish hat that complimented her green Christmas shirt and Jud sported a Daniel Boone coon skin cap. Nancy Stephens dressed in what looked like a cartoon version of a stuffed penguin and Pam Freeman wore a Jokers turban with long pointed arms spouting out of it. Ron Tuttle came as himself and Katrina Ward took all the pictures.

The first prize went to Bob Bardes for a very original hat. He shared the big box of Christmas cookies with all and Lyn brought cold mini cokes for everyone. Nice ride and a nice day.Won’t you join us next time?