May 14th – Bring Your Horse to Work!

May 14th Work Day at Ft Braden…it is now a bring your horse  work day!  Suzanne discovered they will not allow 4-wheelers there, so we will be on horse back trimming the trails.  Folks are encouraged to bring loppers and/or hand saws.  Lunch and beverages will be provided by STA.  Please RSVP to Lyn Grant so she knows how much food to bring.  Her number is 562-0241.  Suzanne is still leading the ride, but Lyn is bringing the food.

Fort Braden Work Day

Saturday, December 6, 2014—Ft. Braden Work Day

Wow! What a great workday we had! Marti Miller, Recreation Coordinator for Ft. Braden, was there and explained what she wanted to accomplish, which was to
mark the west trail in both directions and do overhead trimming. Lyn Grant did a good job of organizing the participants and we broke up into three groups: Sharon, Herb, Ambrose, Janet and Terri teamed up to do the overhead trimming and started west from the trailhead. Lyn, her grandson Cody and I took on the job of putting markers up so we rode to the lake and worked back to the west. Since we
had such a good turnout, the other group, consisting of Jud and Jennette, Katrina and her daughter Sarah, decided to do some work on the east trail
that Jud had already scoped out. The workday was very successful and I encourage all of ya’ll to go ride the west trail as you will find it a lot easier to navigate. The heavy shedding of leaves has covered the treadway quite extensively so the new markers will help everyone stay on the trail. I invite you to talk to any of the participants to get their story about this workday that lasted for 3.5 hours! Many thanks go to Lyn for sup- plying the aluminum markers and pink paint for to everyone else for bringing tools to do the trimming.