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Need Attendees! Public Meeting on St. Mark’s Headwater Greenway

An Important Update to STA Members!

Below and attached is the ONLY public meeting regarding the St. Mark’s Headwaters Greenway, located off Baum Road, between the CSX railroad tracks and Buck Lake Road, Tallahassee FL.

It is very important that we have as many equestrians as possible. Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend. We have wsited 12 years to get this far and only after continued involvement and contact with Leon County has this project moved forward.

Public Meeting:
August 3 @ 2:30 p.m.
City of Tallahassee Renaissance Center
2nd floor
435 N Macomb St
Tallahassee, FL

Suggested Speaking Points:

1. Make sure the trail does not run parallel to the rail road tracks in a straight line, as it provides significant spook in some horses when the train comes through. Instead, the trail should meander through the woods to buffer the RR tracks.

2. Adequate parking and turn around for horse trailers. A separate area for horse trailers is preferred so that what transpired at the J. R. Alford Greenway isn’t repeated.

3. Hours of operation should be sunrise to sunset, minimally.

4. Make sure the equestrian trail head is simply that, not a children’s playground. There must not be a swing set or playground equipment anywhere near the equestrian trail head or trails. Again, we prefer a separate area for equestrians from other vehicles, so horse trailers are not blocked by walkers/hikers/bicyclists unaware of the space needs of horses and trailers. Again, the J.R. Alford Greenway provided plenty of proof of how bad things can get and the County expended approximately $3,000 to correct the situation earlier this year.

5. If gated, use a lock like that used at Elinor Knapp-Phipps Park, where a 4 digit combination that changes several times a year, is provided.

6. Place a porta-let on site if possible.

I plan to attend and hope to see a packed room of equestrians. Wear a STA t-shirt or horse motif apparel so we make a visual impact as well. You do not have to speak if you are uncomfortable doing so, but please be in attendance! County leaders are always impressed with citizens showing interest in an issue and this meeting is our only chance to impress the County with our desire for this Greenway.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact me. It is my honor to serve as President of Southern Trailriders Association.


Annual Dinner Meeting and Election of Officers and Directors

The Annual Dinner meeting has been scheduled.  It will be held Saturday, January 9th, 2016 at the Leon County Horseman’s Association Building, 188 Horseman’s Association Road, Tallahassee.  A Social Hour will begin at 5pm and with Dinner served at 6pm.  The business meeting and elections will follow along with a special guest speaker, Jed Dillard, from the Jefferson County Livestock and Natural Resources Office discussing Creeping Indigo.  Cost for the dinner is $15 and reservations are required.  Look for invitations coming via mail with an RSVP card to return, as well as an email with details.