There was more than one winner at STA’s Poker Ride on Saturday, April 16th.

With memories of last year’s multiple rain-outs a collective sigh of relief welcomed the sun; win number 1.

A total of 22 people signed in with Sharon and Wendy. The riders were almost evenly divided between STA members and non-members including Brent and Cindy on matching chocolate Rocky Mountain horses and the tortoise/hare pairing of Linda  and Chris.

For those of you that missed the ride, the format was a self-guided ride following paper plate makers at your desired pace with riders/horses of your choosing. All riders were given their first card at sign-in. Riders then crossed Rivers Road a total of three times where riders drew cards to build their Poker Hand. The dealers included Katrina, Ron, Doel, Sue and Lyn with Katrina calculating the winning hand. The ride lasted about 2 ½ hours and shortly after the last riders arrived back at the trailers Katrina announced David as the winner. David then donated his winnings back to STA less $40 for a dinner celebration. Thank you, David. STA now has an additional $180 to spend on trail projects.

Win number 2. The third winner was an abandoned Fox Terrier found in the Forest by Ron and Doel. After dealing their Poker cards, they rushed the dog to the emergency vet. After surgery and attempts to locate the owner, the dog has been adopted by Ron. Lucky would be a good name.