We had 9 riders for this Sunday ride, beginning at 10:30 am, on a gorgeous Spring Day.  Low humidity, cobalt blue skies and 65 degree temperature is what we all agreed was perfect riding weather.  A nice breeze would erupt about the time riders thought about shedding a long sleeve top.  Rider horse combos were: Connie & Dakota, Megan & Muchacho, Carole & Pax, Jade & Orfebre (guest), Peter & Stepper, Chris & Rose, Paulina & Cedar (guest), Laura & Thunder (guest), and ride leader, Janet on Charlie.  We broke into 2 groups as a couple of riders needed extra time to fix tack or tack up, but both groups rode the perimeter of the Greenway, using single and multi-track trails with ride times at 2 hours.  The trails were in great shape, even after all the rain that hit our area Friday night.  We shared great fellowship, strengthened newcomers to join us again, and join STA, so to me, this ride reflects the very best of STA!  I want to thank Connie for bringing an extra horse (Thunder) for my friend, Laura, to ride.  This was my last ride prior to knee replacement surgery, so it was extra special for me and I really welcomed all the joyous celebration.  Thank you to all the riders for a great time.  Oh, and the expanded parking is working out so well.  What an improvement!  We had six rigs and 2 other groups of 5 trailers were arriving as we were leaving, but there was still plenty of parking.  Thank you Leon County Division of Parks and Recreation for quickly addressing our concerns!