We started off on a very cool and brisk sunny day in long sleeves that we kept on for most of the ride. This was to be a Lyn and Bob ride but Bob had issues with catching his horse and called to say he wouldn’t make it. However he did finally catch the horse and arrived 10 or 15 minutes after we left but said he couldn’t catch us. And we were going slow as I decided to make this a poker run ride and was stopping here and there to hand out cards. We were playing seven card stud and our best hands were made up of the best five cards in our hand.

I also decided to ride the new blue forest trail which is superimposed over several of our trails. These trails are painted with large paint splotches directly on the trees every 20 feet which even Ray Charles would be able to see. We went north on our orange trail and picked up our blue trail and later the red trail. It was really a very pretty ride and we were all chatting away enjoying ourselves when Ron said ” Lyn, we missed a turn”. How we did it I’ll never know but we did. Ron with his built in GPS shortly had us back on tract. The cards were given out regularly at several stops and I made the comment that I hoped someone skinny like our guest rider’s Doel or Mindee won first prize because I had picked up a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the winner. Doel chirped up that she didn’t know what she had as she had never played poker.

Much to our delight we had two new member riders with us-Ann and Mike from Bristol on their cute little pinto horses. We certainly enjoyed their company. There was Ron, Ambrose, Sue and Lyn as well.
The ride lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes and back at the trailers we checked out the poker hands. I had handed out 56 cards (1 deck and 4 cards from another) and ” KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POKER” skinny Doel won the donuts with 4 sevens. She also had 3 twos. Beginner’s luck I guess!!

I also handed out STA tote bags to women and STA kerchiefs to men just for participating.. It was really a fun day.

Roving Reporter