It was the last of the cool weather mornings for several months and three riders took advantage of it: Sue, Herb and Janet. All riders were on gaited horses which meant a livelier walk could be enjoyed for the 2.5 hour journey through the shaded trail. The fallen tree is still down on the far side of the single track trail, but all horses managed to step over it. We started the ride at 63 degrees and ended it at 78 degrees, with the slight breeze really being appreciated. The new park- ing configuration does seem to be helping! Certainly, the relocation of the “Trailer Parking Only” sign will help further educate those individuals driving vehicles without trailers to park in the cars only areas. We did notice our return to the trailers stopped a couple of cars from pulling through the remaining opening. While there are two openings, the one closest to the foot bridge was blocked by a vehicle parking right at its opening. Thankfully, the other parking entrance remained available to us and the other equestrians of the day. — Janet