Saturday, November 22nd turned out to be a partly, cloudy morning, but both Ron and I had checked the weather and according the forecast, it would be partly cloudy and near 70 until after lunch, then getting more cloudy with rain around 5:00 p.m. However, that is not how it turned out. We all got wet.

Five faithful riders turned out for the ride: Ambrose with Sally, Katrina with Bandito, Nancy with Gypsy, Ron with Mini Mule, and me and Ms. Flashy. While we were saddling, I noticed a change in the wind and had planned to take my jacket off, but decided to leave it on. As we left the trailhead, I noticed the clouds to the south were darker than the ones to the north. However, spirits were high and we were all in the mood to ride. We were happy for Nancy to be back, her first ride with the club since returning from Wyoming. We headed north, crossed the water crossing which has pretty much dried up, and then turned west. We crossed the grate bridge – that is, everyone but Mini crossed the grate bridge and Ron had to take her on the scenic route. We kept going west, passing the old JK Stables property, which has been cleaned up by the new owners and was looking nice. We even saw some horses in the pasture, boarders – we later learned. About 45 minutes out, Katrina noticed that it was misting rain. We kept going, but I got my cell phone out and opened the Intellicast weather radar map and there was a big blob of green south of Tallahassee, moving north. We took the next right to start heading back to the trail head. I kept monitoring the rain and it was getting closer and closer and we were getting hit with intermittent sprinkles. We made it back to the trail head with only a little dampness on our clothes, but before we could all get our horses loaded in the trailer, the rain cut loose. All total, we did get a 2 hour ride in and I don’t know about the rest of the gang, but I was just happy to be in the saddle for a while, rain or no rain. The company was good, the horses and Mini were great and the ride was a success.

Pam & Flashy