At least the weather turned out nice after a day of storms the day before. I didn’t really expect any- one to show up but Ron and Doel because they told me they would be there. But five minutes after I parked Ambrose Holley pulled in and I had a call from Liz Rich and Becky Day that they were on their way. Ambrose and I went ahead to the pond as it was so hot standing in the parking lot just as Doel and Ron pulled in. Soon we were in the pond up to our arm pits and the horses were doing their thing. Midnight, Ambrose’s mare, hadn’t been swimming much before and she just kind of stood around. Tally,my gelding was an old hand at Sand Pond and he immediately started floating. Don’t ask me how he does it but his hind feet lift off the sand bottom and he pivots around on his front feet laying on his side. Doel and Ron had made it down by then and Doel’s mare, Tippy, headed in to her knees and dropped to her haunches and rolled totally over. She apparently loves the water. Ron’s mule Mini takes a good dip and hauls Ron to the grass in the pond to eat.

Becky’s horse Topper seemed to enjoy the pond and was quite happy wallowing in it but Liz’s horse Spirit wanted no part of it. He decided knee high was deep enough. But we all enjoyed the cool clear water, the blue skies and the chance just to relax and talk. After a couple hours of “coolin it” we retired to the shade of the trees and ate our lunches. Doel distributed snacks to the horses. Shortly after we tacked up and either rode or led the happy relaxed critters back to the trailers. It was a pleasant day. Roving Reporter