Come Ride with Us!

Southern Trailriders, a non-profit group centered near the Tallahassee, Florida area, supports an active interest in equestrian trail riding and the development and maintenance of public equestrian trails.

Southern Trailriders Association


  • To promote and develop public equestrian trails and related facilities throughout the southern United States
  • To promote an active interest in equestrian trail riding
  • To facilitate legislation, rules, ordinances and polices which promote equestrian trails
  • To encourage the compatibility of equestrian trails with natural resource conservation
  • To educate the general public in regards to equestrian recreational activities

And to enjoy trail riding!

Latest News

STA Quarterly Membership Dinner Meeting – Saturday June 18

There will be a “Social” at 5:00 pm, followed by dinner at 6:00 pm. STA will have a private area reserved, so when you arrive ask for us! Location will be at the Wilderness Cabin located at 1900 Capital Circle NE.

Come join us for a delicious dinner buffet! The price is $16.99 plus tax and includes a variety of meats, seafood, fresh vegetables and desserts. The Wilderness Cabin also serves beer and wine.

May 21, 2016 – Moonlight Ride

I was the ride contact so I scouted the trail the Sunday before with Joel to mark the trail for the moonlight ride. The biting flies on the trail were ferocious and we tried to out run them. That worked well for Scarlett, my 14.1 hand quarter horse, because Joel and Tulip, a 17.2 hand Walker, travels much faster and the flies always attack the first horse. We were moving along so fast I wasn’t able to put up markers. I returned to scout on Thursday evening and the flies were even worse. Blondie and I lasted one hour in the woods, returning to the trailer I started the bug fogger and proceeded to kill all the bugs. On the way out, I called Susan and asked if she would be on the moonlight ride. I told her I wasn’t comfortable leading since I haven’t ridden these trails enough to be familiar with them in the dark. She promised to be there and most likely Jill would also ride. Thank you to Susan, Jill and Julie, Jill’s daughter. Without these three friends we would have been lost in the National […]

June 4, 2016 – St. Marks Rail Trail

The temperature at 6 a.m. was 70 degrees, but the weather report called for cloudy skies with rain possible in the afternoon and a high of 94 degrees.

I wondered how many folks would come to ride in the national forest, especially since we had to park under a power line. My hope was that the clouds would bring a nice breeze with it and the shade of the pines would help cool us down. As it turned out, I was right! Six folks rode; five gals and one guy. The co-leader of the ride, Ron, was unable to come due to contracting shingles, but Ambrose (Sally) made a good stand-in and Pam (Flashy), Nancy (Gypsy), Doel (Snippy), Linda (Blondie) and I (Sadie) joked that this was Ambrose’s Harem Ride! (Actually, Linda missed out on this discussion as she arrived late and had to catch up with us. )

We rode west past the apartment complex and passed the first road into the forest (where the gate is) and took the single track trail to the south.The clouds started slowly rolling in and with them the blessed breeze. The horses were all relaxed and I wondered if it was fate […]