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Southern Trailriders, a non-profit group centered near the Tallahassee, Florida area, supports an active interest in equestrian trail riding and the development and maintenance of public equestrian trails.

Southern Trailriders Association


  • To promote and develop public equestrian trails and related facilities throughout the southern United States
  • To promote an active interest in equestrian trail riding
  • To facilitate legislation, rules, ordinances and polices which promote equestrian trails
  • To encourage the compatibility of equestrian trails with natural resource conservation
  • To educate the general public in regards to equestrian recreational activities

And to enjoy trail riding!

Latest News

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October 28, 2017 – Fort Braden

The day dawned clear but rain was expected in the afternoon. I left home earlier than usual because I knew a large crowd was expected. As I pulled up to the “fee box”, I noticed a large area had been taped off at the edge of the trailhead across from the box. The ground was wet and muddy. I wondered if it would cause a problem for folks to maneuver their rigs to get into the trailhead the more crowded it became but we have good drivers in our club. Ambrose and Wendy were already there as well as Tram, who was the trail boss for the ride. Herb was behind me. Tram told me his horse had been lame all week but seemed ok now but asked if I would lead the ride if Harley wasn’t able to handle it. Of course I agreed. As it turned out, there were two rides: one for slower horses and one for gaited horses. Tram led the gaited group on Harley on the west trail and Linda led the slower group on the east trail. I usually ride the east trail so I was looking forward to riding the west trail. We […]

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October 15, 2017 – Alford Arms Greenway

Seven members and eight horses rode the J.R. Alford Greenway on a Sunday morning where the temperature began at 76 at 10 a.m. and at 12:30 p.m., hit 84 degrees.  Humidity had all the horses lathering up during the ride.  Ride participants were: Herb Rosinsky on Buddy, Sue Noyes on Bud, Rocky Martin rode Silk but ponied Flicka her 1.5 year old filly, Ambrose rode Cuzzin, Paul on Mabrogada, Melody on Spirit and Janet on Charlie.  We had some horses walking a bit faster than others and the group broke into smaller groups towards the end.  It was great to see so many equestrians on the trail, as two other groups were riding and another arrived as we loaded back up.  We were surprised to see the tractors tilling the soil in the fields on a Sunday!  All the horses handled it well and no rider mishaps.  Come out and join the ride!

Quarterly Meeting at Fort Braden – Oct 28th

Ride at 10am, Quarterly Meeting at 12:30

We will ride for about 2 hours and then meet at the picnic tables for lunch and a short meeting. Lunch will be provided but please bring your own beverage. RSVP to Wendy Trawick 850-509-3913 so we know how much food to provide.

The new design STA logo shirts will be available in both long and short sleeve styles for purchase.

Directions: From Tallahassee: Go west 8.7 miles on Highway 20 from Capital Circle Southwest. En-trance road will be on the right. There is a $2.00 entree fee for each person riding with an honor system envelope box on your left.